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The Latest X-mas Gift for 2005
Welcome to my website,

I built this site as a autobiography, a small insight into my hobbies, interests, projects
and skills. I make most of my best creations right in my home shop.  I have been a  
Maintenance Machinist for over 2
8 years now working for many industrial giants
like  Delphi/(GM) General Motors, (IFF) International Fragrance & Flavors, SS
White Technologies, Firestone  I have invented things that make my life easier or for
enjoyment and  some in my field of work that help others complete there crucial
deadlines an increase production. An example, I made a working prototype for a
engineer from a design that would have never worked. I explained how it would not
work and made the changes to simplify and perform as it was designed without error.

That project is now on the phoenix lander 35 million miles from earth on mars
it has
collected samples of soil to analyze and sends data back to earth for study. I have
many more stories and projects that will be added to this site in time.
Last Update on 12/2018
Supercharged Mopar 318 Magnum
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Tig Welding
Arc Welding
   Mig Welding
     Plasma Cutting
          Welding & Cutting
            Carbon Air Arc Cutting
               EDM Cutting and More....
All design, fabrication, machining, etc.  On this site is done exclusively by me, Rob Coberg, unless otherwise stated.
 My 150 Gallon tropical Reef            
Projects cost big $, make a donation to
help me speed thing along.
Since:  June 2009
468 Lbs. Deadlift  9/2016
I cut,shaped,polished,and engraved
color changing LED signs for x-mas gifts
Powerlifting Seminar with Brandon Lilly at Savage City Strength
Welcome to
      Handiman Heirlooms
X-Mas 2016
Gift to my Sweetie
The Grand Oak Buffet
December 11, 2018

A lot has happened since last year
I became USAPL New Jersey State Champion 2018
2018 USAPL NJ Heavy Metal Comp  Gold in open and M1 105kg class

365 Lb Bench
490 Lb Deadlift
I made a Gen 2 Mad dog logo and had it embroidered on a
new bench cover for my machines
This is my good friend Cedric Smith. It was my first time out
coaching, I helped him pick his openers, I timed his warm-ups so he
was 3 out in the lineup , Loaded Plates, Kept him focused and
somewhat calm. He did awesome, 7 out of 9. He took 2 nd place in
the Open and 2nd place in the division. Way to go !!